Convincing Quality

The classic EPC (Engineering – Procurement – Construction) consists of a detailed technical planning of the system, the procurement of necessary components and services as well as the structural implementation.

As owner engineers, our TÜV-certified experts support national and international EPC projects in order to constantly check the quality of the work and materials used by other companies and to ensure that schedules and budgets are adhered to. In addition, we have checked, rescheduled, repaired and optimised hundreds of existing systems ourselves.

The combination of our practical experience as experts and installers is unique in the photovoltaic market, which enables us to avoid mistakes in new construction projects. This becomes a decisive cost factor that couldn’t be more sustainable.


We develop efficient and state-of-the-art PV systems and with our in-depth practical knowledge, unnecessary, expensive planning errors can be avoided.

With every analysis to identify root causes of existing systems, we expand our knowledge. In this way, we continuously improve our system designs in order to develop photovoltaic systems that are easy to maintain and of high quality.

In doing so, we follow IEC 62446 and other relevant standards of the PV industry.


Based on our experience within the claim management we know the right products to aim for and which manufacturers are struggling with quality and claims acceptance.

In order to avoid later failures and performance problems, we only use high-quality, efficient products that have proven themselves in practice, are compatible with each other and have an appropriate price-performance ratio.

Clear lines of communications and responsibilities and transparent project monitoring ensure a smooth process and timely deliveries to the construction site.


The highest priority for us is compliance with safety standards and uncompromising quality in execution.

We attach great importance to trained staff and our qualified electricians are responsible for the system and ensure a smooth grid connection.

We know what mistakes were made in the past when building existing systems. So continuous quality controls and structured project management are the key to efficient, sustainable and low-maintenance operation.


We support PV systems in financing and contract structuring as well as in commercial and technical management. We guarantee safe and efficient systems through continuous optimisation.

In order to strengthen communities, we register operating companies where the solar parks are located so that 100% of the trade tax flows into local income. We also rely on regional partners for work on the PV systems.

This is one of our contributions to create more acceptance among the population.