The causes of performance and safety problems in photovoltaic systems can be very diverse. We see errors in planning or installation just as often as in the built-in components themselves.

Visual inspections, during which optical anomalies are recorded, are a good means of obtaining a more detailed overview of the condition of a system. Based on normatively defined random samples, we classify fault patterns according to their qualitative influence on the plant performance and plant safety. Depending on the requirements of our customers, an extensive error catalogue with module position and serial number is created. A combination with measurements on site is often useful in order to be able to make more precise statements about the causes.

During screenings, a known fault pattern is examined for its frequency, i.e. the quantitative influence on the system is determined. Here also, the module position and serial number are documented by us.

Our report often serves as the basis for assessing warranty claims. In addition, our recommendation for action and cost estimate can be used to clarify whether a system optimisation should be sought. Or whether other actions are necessary, for example to prevent service failures or to minimize operator risks.


Such error patterns lead to gradual losses in performance and often remain undetected in the monitoring system. The condition of a photovoltaic system can only be recorded through visual inspections and screenings so that targeted countermeasures can then be taken.