Problems and creeping yield losses are often only noticeable when the warranty period is nearing its end. The longer you wait, in addition to the loss of income, the repair work also becomes more extensive and the amortization in the remaining term more critical. Often potentials are overlooked because they are misinterpreted economically and technically.

Our engineers and specialists have many years of experience and extensive insights into various portfolios, which enables us to make meaningful comparisons. In this way, we can identify trends at an early stage and identify solutions.

Portfolio and performance analyses often serve as a basis for decision-making in order to be able to take countermeasures that make your own portfolio more profitable again.

If assets actually do get into trouble, we are the perfect technical partner for operators and banks to bring these PV systems back on track to economic success.


Identification of problem assets in the overall portfolio
  • comparing actual versus target performance of the yield data and performance ratio (PR) analysis

  • Review of the planning documents (IEC 62446-1 / 62548)

  • Examination of guarantee and warranty claims
  • Review of compliance with technical requirements and operator obligations such as

    • Project-specific risk assessment

    • DGUV V3 examination

    • Plant responsibility

    • Park controller test

    • Declaration of conformity for system certificate

    • Operational safety

    • Obligation to maintain safety


Detailed performance assessment of the problem assets
  • Evaluation of the performance degradation
  • Evaluation of the performance ratio (PR)
  • Irradiation-adjusted yield comparison
  • Regional comparison of the yield data
  • Creation of yield forecasts based on the actual system configuration
  • Relative comparison of the performance of individual strings to one another and target / actual comparison at the string level (adjusted for temperature and irradiation)
  • Calculation of the actual values ​​under Standard Test Conditions (STC) and comparison with nominal output and performance guarantee


If the data analysis reveals underperformance, we can often identify the first causes of errors. With a lean action plan for tailor-made on-site examinations, you will receive a valid basis for decision-making.

Further on-site evaluations can be through inspections, screenings as well as measurements that give a detailed overview of the system status and show the potential for optimisation.